Fire Damage and Prevention

In social life, fire is one of disasters that threaten public security and endanger people’s lives and properties. As the saying goes, “Fire and water have no mercy”, “Thief steals half, fire burns all”. Nowadays, fire is a common catastrophic problem confronted by people in countries all over the world, which causes many severe damages to the lives and properties of human society.

With the development of social productivity and increase of social fortune, the general trend of fire loss rising and damage scope extending is objective law. According to the information from UN “World Fire Statistics Center”, the loss caused by fire doubles within 7 years in USA, 16 years in Japan and 12 years in China. The fire happens over 10,000 cases everyday all over the world and causes hundreds of people’s death. In the past few years, there were about 40,000 cases of fire, over 2,000 people dead and 3,000-4,000 people hurt in China every year. The direct property loss caused by fire was over 1 billion Yuan every year, especially the extremely serious fire causing death of dozens or hundreds of people happened from time to time, which caused great loss to country and people’s lives and properties. The severe facts prove that fire is one of the disasters occurred high frequently and one of the disasters with maximal space-time span.
Fire Blankets supplied by Notchtex are woven with insulated and heat-resistant fiberglass, suitable for extinguishment of small fire in family, containment of flame in public places and personal prevention in urgent evacuation.
Fire blankets are soft, insulated and resistant to high temperature, and can effectively cover and isolate all kinds of fire source including electric fire to put out fire and prevent the spread of fire. In comparison with using fire extinguisher to reach the same effect of fire extinguishment for small fire in family kitchen, using fire blanket is more convenient and simpler, and will not bring secondary pollution during fire extinguishment.