Why Use Welding Blanket

We all know that welding process will create high temperature sparks and flames, which will hurting people or articles in adjacent regions. A welding blanket can effectively provide the protection.welding blanket protection

Welding blanket is made of heat-resistance, high-thickness and tight knitting fiberglass fabric. It is suitable for isolative protection of industrial and civil welding. According to the size of operation area, it can be hung like curtain to isolate welding area and spread on the floor to effectively prevent high temperature spark caused by welding from hurting people or articles in adjacent regions.

Heat Capacity

Most welding blankets will be stable up to around 1000 degree. Advanced models can be effective all the way up to 148 degrees C. These blankets are made of special materials that are flame, spark and slag retardant.

Fire Protection

Welding in a garage or other area that may have oil or gasoline on the floor is very dangerous because welding sparks and molten steel can ignite these substances. Placing a welding blanket under the area where work will be done greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Other Protection

Sometimes welders must weld in odd situations, such as near painted automotive panels or other items they do not wish to damage. Covering these items with a thermal welding blanket will protect them from the sparks and slag created by the welding process.